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Jillian Bell & Cast Talk BTS Chaos (Exclusive) – Hollywood Life

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A trip to a tropical island resort for a friend’s wedding goes awry when Lex, played by Anna Konkle, accidentally drops her friend’s baby in front of everyone in Hulu’s new original movie The Drop. The shocking moment sparks a plethora of awkwardness amongst the friends over the course of their stay. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Jillian Bell, Jermaine Fowler, and more of the cast about the film.

“I just loved where it went and loved the passion behind Josh [Leonard] and Sarah [Adina Smith],” Jillian told HollywoodLife. “I just felt so comfortable with them and feeling free to create this character and figure her out. It was so wild. I was excited for the journey.”

Anna Konkle
Jermaine Fowler and Anna Konkle in ‘The Drop.’ (Hulu)

The Drop features an incredible ensemble cast. Writer and star Joshua Leonard revealed that he “only dreamed of getting the cast we eventually got for this movie. We were so deeply fortunate.”

Aparna Nancherla and Jennifer Lafleur play the couple whose baby is dropped in the film. Jennifer noted that Joshua and Sarah, the writers of the film, actually “approached me while I was pregnant because they wrote this role for me and my unborn child. I hadn’t even given birth yet, and they were already trying to drop my child.”

Aparna admits that her character, Mia, was unlike anyone she has ever played before — “lesbian mom, recent new mom, who’s just verging into gun ownership and possibly more right-wing views. I just think there were so many elements that were fun to think about for this character, and I think she’s kind of a wildcard and that felt really fun.”

No babies were harmed in the making of The Drop, but there was a food poisoning incident during production in Mexico. Jennifer revealed that everyone got food poisoning and production actually had to shut down. In the aftermath of the food poisoning, Jennifer nearly dropped her own baby.

“I was walking up the steps holding my baby walking to the van, and I just passed out cold,” Jennifer said. “I remember going down and knowing that it was happening and wrapping my body around and trying to flip onto my back as I was passing out. She was fine. It did feel like a special kind of irony that a movie about dropping a baby the last day of filming… I didn’t drop her, but I fell pretty hard.”

Jillian Bell
Jillian Bell and Joshua Leonard in ‘The Drop.’ (Hulu)

Jermaine added that the cast was “going through a lot behind the scenes. Jillian, her room was infested with fire ants. She got bitten up one night and still had to come to set and do her thing. So that made a lot of the scenes funnier because we knew what was happening with each other as well.” The Drop is now streaming on Hulu.

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