Home Entertainment Kwan Pa rocks ‘Back To Your Village’ Food Festival with magical performance

Kwan Pa rocks ‘Back To Your Village’ Food Festival with magical performance

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Award-winning band Kwan Pa once again lived up to their reputation as the nation’s finest indigenous band, delivering a show-stopping performance at the ‘Back To Your Village’ Food Festival.

The Back to Your Village Food Festival is an annual two-day event, formerly known as the “Back to Your Village Food Bazaar,” which is a cornerstone of the Heritage Month celebrations.

Kwan Pa’s electrifying set was undeniably a highlight of the festival. Led by the charismatic Hassan, the band’s rich blend of Ghanaian sounds, featuring the distinct palm wine music they’ve championed for the past five years, moved and grooved the patrons.

Kwabena Safo, Nanay Oweni, and Kwame Agbahoasi Minamo intertwine their magic on traditional instruments like the twin bell, Kobe, and rattle, creating an indelible soundscape.

Their popular hits kept the patrons entertained, conveying a puissant message resonating with the festival’s theme. Kwan Pa’s music, which seamlessly blends Ghanaian cultural heritage with contemporary energy, perfectly embodied this spirit.

With Kwanpa’s electrifying performance at its heart, the Back To Your Village Food Festival transcended being just an event.

Their infectious energy complemented the festival’s focus on the “Invest In Her” project in perfect harmony.

This year’s event is sponsored by Frytol, Fortune, Miss Cookie Spices, Pan African Savings and Loans, Everpack, and GB Foods.

Watch their performance below


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