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La Meme Gang Emerges from Hiatus with Explosive EP: ‘Let’s Start A Riot’

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After more than a year of silence, the Ghanaian musical collective, La Meme Gang, has made a resounding comeback, ending their hiatus with a powerful statement in the form of a new project. The group, which had been dormant due to internal disputes, is back with a four-track EP titled ‘Let’s Start A Riot,’ signaling their return to the music scene.

La Meme Gang’s absence for the previous two years has left supporters unsure of the group’s future. But the new release shows how dedicated they are to their work and how steadfast their fan base is. With the EP, the group not only announces their comeback but also opens a new chapter in their story.

La Meme Gang’s album “Let’s Start A Riot” is an afro-fusion and trap mashup that highlights the group’s versatility and sound experimentation. The songs serve as both a celebration of their reunion and an example of how their careers have developed since their break.

One collaboration with fellow Ghanaian singer Joey B, who is well-known for his close relationships to the group, is included on the EP. Because of this teamwork, the project gains even more familiarity and synergy as the artists demonstrate their rapport in the studio.

Fans of La Meme Gang will anticipate the group’s signature enthusiasm and distinctive sound. The EP is more than just a compilation of songs; it’s a brazen declaration that La Meme Gang is back and better than ever, prepared to take back their place in Ghanaian and international music.

“Let’s Start A Riot” conveys an aggressive and rebellious vibe, suggesting that the group is prepared to leave a lasting impression on listeners. The call to action in the EP is for listeners to join La Meme Gang in igniting a musical revolution as it reverberates across speakers.

Stream ‘Let’s Start A Riot’ across all platforms here : https://album.link/i/1719087649

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