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Mr Eazi dispels secrecy claims about marriage to Temi Otedola

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By Seli Baisie

Nigerian singer Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, popularly known as Mr Eazi, has dismissed claims that his marriage to actress and fashion blogger Temi Otedola was kept under wraps.

Denying the secrecy surrounding the union, Mr Eazi pointed to the video of his song ‘Legalise’ as concrete evidence.

In a recent interview with Naija FM, Lagos, the artiste stated, “Who told you it was a secret wedding? Go and watch the video of my song ‘Legalise’; you will get the answer to your question. We shot the video in Venice.”

Mr Eazi emphasized that the video holds the key to dispelling any notions of secrecy surrounding their wedding. He invited skeptics to closely examine the ‘Legalise’ video for tangible proof, asserting that the outfits worn were not mere costumes but held significance.

“If you watch the video, you will see proofs there. Our outfits weren’t just costumes. Go and watch the video, and you will see everything clearly. It’s just like what painters do; whenever you see their work, you will see the message they’re trying to convey. That’s how it is with us musicians too,” he asserted.

Watch Mr Eazi’s proposal video below;

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