Home Entertainment Netizens bash Serwaa Amihere for saying they shouldn’t travel outside Ghana

Netizens bash Serwaa Amihere for saying they shouldn’t travel outside Ghana

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Ghanaian TV presenter Serwaa Amihere has come under intense pressure from some netizens on social media after advising them against travelling.

In a harmless tweet on her handle, the award-winning journalist sought to warn people against travelling outside the country.

According to her, if any person in his/her 20s to 30s is earning an amount of Ghc5000 or more in Ghana that person should think of travelling outside for greener pastures.

She concluded that all is not rosy out there as some people have been made to believe.

She posted: “I think if you are in your 20s and 30s and earning, at least, Ghs5000 and above you shouldn’t rush to leave Ghana. It’s not all that rosy out there.”

But after her post, some of her followers responded to her by saying irrespective of what she thinks they still want to leave Ghana which they described as Hell.

One netizen with the username @enocksmith084 stated that he makes over $1000 from all his work combined but he still wants to leave.

Some others commented by saying they were not leaving the country because of money but rather because the system there was working.

See some comments below:

@Natioonn: “Serwaa it’s not always about the amount you earn but the systems and the type of Government. Have you ask yourself the number of days you’ll sleep in Dumsor, the number of unnecessary taxes you’ll pay. It’s been 5 years and Ghana is the only country that still collect Covid-19…”

@Views09: “Ghs5000 is USD380. People aren’t leaving Ghana because of salary alone, they are because of a good system. Thus better health service, better education, better standards of living. GH hard, Abroad too hard but you for choose your “hard” wisely ??”

@Enocksmith84: “I still will run from this hell of the country if the chance comes even though I receive 1000+$ at the end of the month through multiple works. This place is hell, and we must all run”

@Billsonme1x: “Charley l respect you a lot kindly delete this post”

@Cerna_deku: “You earn that money sef, it’s not even enough ?”

@Fixondennis: “I want to see how the rosy out there is so I make a decision.”

@10trillionboy: “Which one be Ghc5000? Abi you don smoke egbo wey you dey talk this ? ?”

@burniton37: “U people are leaving good life style and u think 5000 and above when u are in your 20s or 30s is enough to make u leave freely here. 25-30 u have children like two and a wife. U rent. Pay utility bills and u think 5000 is enough. I don’t blame u. Men gives u money aside ur pay.”

@Harmlesseyram: “I think your post is controversial. I have a question for u. Would you marry someone who earns 5000 cedis a month?”

@Kwekudukes1: “Dish cleaneing in Germany can fetch you around 1,500 euros per month . Rent 400, food 300, transportation 49, telephone 20, other upkeep 100. Total 869. You can save 531. 530 to cedis is 7,546 . Your destiny is in your hands.”

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