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Osei Kyei-Mensah Bonsu calls for improved indelible ink in voting process

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By Gloria Amoh

Previous elections have faced challenges like the use of indelible ink during voting.

Dating back to the last district-level elections held in December 2023 and the recent NPP primaries held last Saturday, the issue of indelible ink came up.

In an interview with the Majority Leader and the Member of Parliament for Suame, Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, on the breakfast show said, “During the district-level elections, I witnessed that the indelible ink was not used, but during the recent NPP internal elections, they brought it.”

Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu stated that the indelible ink used during voting should be faster and stronger to leave a clear mark that cannot be easily removed.

According to him, during the primaries, he noticed that the indelible ink used was not fast enough and was very light. “The one I dipped my little finger in was cleaned immediately; I used a tissue to clean it.”

Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu mentioned that the data of the Electoral Commission (EC) is such that one cannot vote at two (2) different polling stations in the same constituency. He stated that with the indelible ink, once you vote, you cannot vote again.

“If we are assured that there is no possibility, you will be found out once you touch the biometric machine. Your fingerprints will show that you have voted somewhere in the region,” He said.

“Is it the case that the database is talking to itself across the length and breadth of the country such that if a person votes in Accra, he or she can fly away to Tamale to vote? He questioned

He highlighted that if we have the assurance that we cannot do that, because once you vote in Accra and go to Tamale to vote, your finger print will show that you have voted. He said if that is the case, then we do not need the indelible ink, but now there is no assurance of that, as he thinks we should still have the ink.

Additionally, he urged the Electoral Commission (EC) to make the indelible ink faster and stronger than the previous ones in the upcoming general elections.

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