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#SaveGhanaFootball: Alhaji Grunsah lambasts GFA for injustice and youth football decline

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King Faisal owner Alhaji Grusah

Alhaji Grunsah has voiced his discontent with the Ghana Football Association (GFA) concerning youth football, during the ongoing #SaveGhanaFootball demonstration.

Expressing frustration, Grunsah referenced the U-20 team’s defeat by Burkina Faso and questioned the state of justice within the football system.

He specifically criticised Kurt Okraku, the president of the GFA, for allegedly defying a court order related to running elections.

Grunsah highlighted concerns about the performance of Ghana’s U-17 and U-20 teams, attributing their perceived decline to the tenure of Kurt Okraku as GFA president.

“We were in Ghana when Burkina Faso beat out U-20 team.

“If we really speak the truth how does Kurt Oraku defy court order to run elections? he questioned the the system in terms of justice.

“Our U-17 and U-20 have been bad since the assumption of office by Kurt,” he said.

His remarks on injustice may be linked to an interlocutory injunction filed to prevent the GFA from proceeding with its scheduled elections last year.

One notable case also involved a protest against Tamale City, accusing them of fielding an ineligible player. Despite their hopes for a favorable ruling and the potential award of three points, the GFA’s Disciplinary Committee dismissed the case, asserting the player’s eligibility.

King Faisal’s protest aimed at gaining three points from the contested match, which could significantly impact their position in the Ghana Premier League and enhance their chances of remaining in top-flight football.

Grunsah’s criticisms during the demonstration underscore the broader concerns expressed by participants regarding the need for comprehensive reforms in Ghanaian football, encompassing issues of justice, youth development, and the overall improvement of the sport.

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