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Some Kumawood stars have taken Lilwin to an evil altar; He’ll come begging soon

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The Kumasi-based Movie Industry, Kumawood is one tagged to be marred with juju. The voodoo claims in the industry have been there for ages.

Many secrets have been unravelled about how the Kumawood movie industry is inundated with voodooism and enmity.

This adds up to the tall list of reasons why the once vibrant Twi-speaking industry is seemingly collapsing.

As if it’s ending anytime soon, there’s another piece of information that has come up.

Kwadwo Nkansah has been under the radar of Kumawood juju for a very long time. He is not liked as it appears. He, on the other hand, has been bragging about his fame.

Lilwin has brought hate upon himself through certain prideful utterances he makes whenever he comes to the public scene.

In this regard, he has been the target of destruction. It can be said that people want his downfall more than anyone in the industry.

Adding more sugar to the tea, one Sakawa Kingpin Abusua has alleged that some Kumawood stars have taken Lilwin to the altar to destroy him.

He adds that these stars have taken Lilwin’s properties including his school to the altar and the gods have poured faeces on it in the spirits signifying they are ready to activate the evil plan on him.

Abusua strongly mentioned while on live TV that Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin will soon become poor and come begging pretty soon.

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