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UniMAC-IJ launches MIL club, focusing on empowering youth and truth

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By Ayavor Stephanie Agarther Elorm

The University of Media Arts and Communication-Institute of Journalism (UniMAC-IJ) which was formally known as Ghana Institute of Journalism, on Friday, October 20, 2023, celebrated the formal inauguration of the UniMAC-IJ Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Club in the university’s North Dzorwulu campus Auditorium.

The president of the newly established club, Adjei Dickens Ofori Asare addressed the audience and began by highlighting the collaborative effort that brought the UniMAC MIL Club into existence, thanking both the university’s lecturers and external partners for their indispensable support.

Mr. Asare also shared the club’s origin story, stating, “The idea to establish an MIL club at GIJ (as it was formally known) was mooted four years ago when the Department of Communication Studies and Penplubytes partnered to organize media internships and MIL training for 15 students from UniMAC and selected Senior Secondary Schools. I am delighted that students who benefited from this training were instrumental in establishing the UniMAC MIL club.”

The President emphasized the club’s mission to promote Media and Information Literacy. “The UniMAC MIL club is not just a club; we are ambassadors of Media and Information Literacy,” he said.

Even before its formal inauguration, club members had already started spreading the message of MIL in junior and senior high schools.

Looking ahead, Mr. Asare revealed the club’s plans: “As a club, we have ambitious plans. Beginning this semester, we intend to train our members to use their smartphones creatively and wisely to produce meaningful and impactful content. This training will encompass essential skills such as video editing and fact-checking, equipping our members to be responsible and productive digital citizens.”

The UniMAC MIL Club will also continue its outreach to senior high schools in the Greater Accra region, aiming to instill the values of truth and verification in young minds. In conclusion, Mr. Asare invited esteemed organizations present at the event to support the club’s mission, stating, “Your support can further strengthen our endeavors and amplify the impact we seek to create.”

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