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GII to introduce campaign financing regulation bill

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The Executive Secretary of the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) Madam Mary Addah, has hinted at her outfit’s plans to introduce a campaign financing regulation bill.

According to her the proposed legislation aimed at regulating campaign financing, citing concerns over increasing malpractices such as vote buying during elections.

The Executive Secretary of the GII, underscored the significance of addressing this issue, identifying it as a central aspect of corruption-related offenses.

Madam Addah who gave the hint during her remarks at the third day of the 14th Commonwealth Conference for Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa held in Accra on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, stressed the importance of a collaborative approach to combatting such practices.

“We have been monitoring abuse of incumbency and electoral corruption over the years since 2008. This is a subject we focus on, especially during elections. We are currently collaborating to propose a bill for regulating campaign financing, which is a significant factor driving corruption in Ghana.

Elections have become very costly, particularly now because citizens have decided that it is crucial to claim their due during these phases, as that is when they can get it,” she stated.

The Executive Secretary of GII also advocated for a comprehensive asset declaration system to address corruption issues among public officeholders.

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