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Sarkodie’s reply to Yvonne Nelson is like taking a gun to paper fight- Akosua Hanson

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By: Roberta Gayode Modin

Media personality Akosua Hanson has called on one of Ghana’s biggest rappers, Sarkodie, to redo a mature and reflective version of “Try Me” in reply to Yvonne Nelson’s allegations.

According to the Queen of the Evening Radio Show, Sarkodie’s ‘Try Me’ is a beautiful song in terms of art; however, he failed to show his maturity and address the issues in the song.

In a technical breakdown of the song, Miss Hanson called it a rap battle made up of three elements. These are insults, wordplay, and boasting with the end result of cutting down the opponent.

“Battle rap is always vicious. What makes it a punch is that they pull on what society finds painful,” she explained.

Akosua Hanson.

“However, from excerpts I have read and discussions about Yvonne Nelson’s book, it felt like Sarkodie was bringing a gun into what was literally a paper fight…there so many people who attack Sarkodie all the time, and he rarely responds, but in a case where he didn’t need it at all, he brought it,” she further stated.

Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson have dominated trends in the media for weeks.

The social media fray started with the launch of Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, where she mentioned Sarkodie drove her to have an abortion because he said he was not ready to be a father.

When netizens thought the news would die down, Sarkodie released “Try Me”, a punchy battle rap with strong words telling his side of the story.

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