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What is the Ceiling and Surround Sound Challenge and why is it trending on TikTok?

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Social media especially the African-American space has been taken agog by a new challenge that is already taking over.

In the trending videos that is shared specifically on TikTok, the Surround Sound song by J.I.D ft 21 Savage & Baby Tate is used by these women.

How is the Surround Sound Challenge done?

Looking at the videos on TikTok, one has to tape her phone on the ceiling of their house and then start shaking their backside to the beat and doing other erotic moves.

Who started the Surround Sound Challenge?

It is believed that the “surround sound” challenge started with Asian women focusing on traditional feminine roles and needed a way to have a full capture of it and that was when they decided to hang the phone up on their ceiling but black women have changed the narrative and turned it to a Twerk Contest.

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