Home Business Barona Wines participates at seventh Italian Cuisine Week

Barona Wines participates at seventh Italian Cuisine Week

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Barona Wines, a leading importer and distributor of Italian wine and related products from Italy, for the first time participated in the seventh Italian Cuisine Week hosted by the Italian Embassy and Italian Trade Agency (ITA) at the Italian Ambassador’s residence in Accra.

The 7th edition of the Italian Cuisine Week in the World, celebrated in Accra on November 15, 2022, saw the largest participation of food and wine partners since the Embassy of Italy and Italian Trade Agency (ITA) began marking the annual event in the country.

Mr. Steven Fittock, CEO-Barona Wines, at the event said as a wine enthusiast with particular Italian Cuisine Week appreciation for wines from Italy and had returned to Ghana several years living and working in Italy and UK, he wanted to share some of the wonderful experiences through Italian wine.

The business was due to launch at the start of 2020, but due to COVID pandemic everything was put on hold until last year. “My approach to wine is simple; great quality Italian Wine should be readily accessible to everyone, just as Italian families consume wine daily with their meals. Quality and affordability is important.

“I have sampled wines across Italy – from premium estates to small local agriturismo, ‘cantines’ vino ‘sfuso’ – and always just amazed at the quality and variety till the last drop,” Fittock explained.

He said Italy is without question the world’s biggest producer/exporter of wine. The range and quality of wine is second to none and among the very best. The same goes for the cuisine, which is considered to be among the healthiest diets from the Mediterranean, with a diverse and extensive variety of recipes that vary according to their regions. The home of pasta, pizza, gelato, prosciutto, parmesan cheese, ragu bolognese, Prosecco and vino!

“It was an opportunity for us to showcase our wine brands and network with guests. A positive experience,” he added.

Barona Wines represents one of the biggest wine-producing companies from Italy called Caviro and their brand called Tavernello, which is the number-one wine brand in Italy.

Italian Cuisine Week is held annually across the world, and seeks to promote Italian cuisine and wine – and their associated traditions – to all the peoples and countries of the world; with the aim of projecting Italian identity and culture while boosting trade. Famous for its healthy Mediterranean diet and rich viticulture, Italy is simply the best wine-producing nation in the world, having been in the business for four millennia and boasting a great diversity of grapes and regions where wine is produced.

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